Jogging Creativity

Empty! Zero! Zilch! Has this ever happened to you? You feel like your brain is totally devoid of any intelligent matter?  Things come out of your mouth that make absolutely no sense. Or maybe you get that feeling of being weighed down with so much brain clutter that you wish you had a defragmenting option to get your brain back in working order.

My fellow writers recently had an online conversation about how to get motivated when you’re stuck. A variety of solutions were suggested, ranging from devouring chocolates, taking a walk in the woods, going for a run, or playing with your kids. If I hadn’t been so quick with my trigger finger to delete the e-mails, I would have had a treasure trove of suggestions for everyone. Ahh…, another reason why my brain is often empty!

We can gather ideas from others, but since we are all unique individuals, we must ultimately find our own motivational tools. When I’m writing and my brain stalls, red lights whirl and the writing police announce loudly, “Step away from the computer!”

Enter the treadmill. I HATE the treadmill, but that’s my way of getting my brain back on track and the creative juices flowing again. I pump up the music and step up my pace. (I’m still trying to figure out when the endorphins kick in to make exercising a euphoric experience because it’s not happening!) To make my workout pass as quickly as possible, I think – mostly stupid stuff – and from the inane glop that oozes out of my grey matter, I sometimes come up with great ideas. Because my brain tends to quickly jump from one thing to the next, I write down those bits of inspiration. That creates another PROBLEM.

Notice the writing. Ideas are great only if you can read what you’ve written. My writing life is like the song “Michael Finnegan” who always had to begin again. I think it. I write it. I can’t read it. I begin again.

The positive side to this whole crazy ordeal is… is… is…

Gosh, I just can’t remember.  

Suggested books: None. My brain is temporarily out of service!

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