The Ducklings Have Landed

“The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes.” — William Davis

Visiting my daughter in Boston is treat. This past week I was treated to many things — a blow-up mattress, cooking dinners with limited ingredients, replacing light bulbs, using a tipsy chair, and deciding what to do with an old pillar purchased at an antique/restoration store. What can I say? That’s what mothers and fathers are for! 

Even though Boston had five inches of snow the day before we arrived, the weather was balmy with the hint of spring in the air. It was perfect weather for seeing the city, and my daughter insisted we take advantage of this. 

Since Bostonians drive by their own rules, we took the T. It’s Boston’s answer to mass transit and is a treat in itself. While waiting for the Red Line, my daughter entertained us by spotting mice crawling on the tracks, and if anyone remembers Charlie of MTA fame, I swear I sat next to him. He doesn’t look bad for his age!

Boston has it all from A to Z. We took in everything from academia to zipcars. That daughter of ours walked our little tootsies off, and I’m still nursing blisters — a treat for the feet! We were like Robert McCloskey’s MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS as we waddled our way around Boston.

Some highlights from our waddlings.

The State House — a little bling!

Boston Common — not so common.

Paul Revere resting.

Sam Adams

In the spirit of Sam Adams!

Never pass up a book store.

My favorite!

A light at the end of the Boston tunnels.

Soaking in some higher education at Harvard.


Our little duckling.

Boston rocks! There’s so much to see and do. Follow the Freedom Trail and become a part of history. Go to the North End and stop at a pastry shop for a yummy cannoli. There’s the Boston Seaport, Fenway Park, Charlestown, Cambridge, Newbury Street, the Back Bay, and where everyone knows your name — CHEERS!

Take me back!

Going to Boston? Frommer’s Boston 2010 by Marie Morris (Frommers, 2009), Top 10 Boston (EYEWITNESS TRAVEL GUIDE) by DK Publishing (DK Travel, 2009)

Books About BostonYou Wouldn’t Want to Be at the Boston Tea Party! by Peter Cook (Children’s Press, 2006), Beneath The Streets Of Boston:  Building America’s First Subway by Joe McKendry (David R. Godine, 2005), Colonial Voices:  Hear Them Speak by Kay Winters (Dutton Juvenile, 2008)

Picture Books:   86 Years: The Legend of the Boston Red Sox by Melinda R. Boroson (Brown House Books, 2005), Journey Around Boston From A to Z by Martha Zschock (Commonwealth Editions, 2001), Sleds on Boston Common:  A Story from the American Revolution by Louise Borden (Margaret K. McElderry, 2000)

For older readers:  Emma’s Journal:  The Story of a Colonial Girl by Marissa Moss (Silver Whistle Paperbacks, 2001), Johnny Tremain by Esther Hoskins Forbes (Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 1943), Liberty’s Son:  A Spy Story of the American Revolution by Paul B. Thompson (Enslow Publishers, 2009)



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2 Comments on “The Ducklings Have Landed”

  1. I just found your blog, and noticed you included my sister’s- book, Journey Around Boston from A to Z in your list! Thanks, I’m going to let her know! Aren’t the illustrations great?

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