Paper Bag Luggage

It’s been ripped, smashed, and lost. If you do any type of airline travel, you know what I’m talking about. Luggage! Once you hand over your luggage to the care of the airlines, it’s put into the Tunnel of Terror and embarks on a horrifying experience. As it proceeds through the tunnel, it’s x-rayed, opened, closed, dropped, bounced, rolled, and tossed into the cold, heartless belly of a giant flying machine. The resulting scars are proof of the shocking experience.

If you’re anything like me, when you made your first luggage purchase, you went to a reputable store. You listened to the salesperson tell you the expensive luggage you were about to buy would withstand any type of mishandling. After a few flights, you noticed your luggage was showing signs of age. Creases and wrinkles appeared. The wheels didn’t roll as smoothly as before. The zipper forgot to stay closed. Then the time came when you had to put your luggage into the Old Bags Home. You replaced the old with the new – again and again. Finally, you came to the realization that it didn’t matter how much or how little you spent on luggage. It all ended up looking the same – saggy and baggy. Did you ever stop to think that you’re paying the airlines twenty-five to thirty-five dollars a bag to have it abused in this manner? It’s just not right!

My daughter came up with a perfect remedy for this abuse. While on vacation in Spain, her luggage was stolen. Being a highly creative person, she found an alternative solution to everyday luggage. When we met her at the airport on her return trip, she sashayed through the doors carrying a shopping bag filled with what was left of her meager belongings. Paper bag luggage! Ah…yes. She’s always the trendsetter!

Think of it. Paper bag luggage! You’re recycling! No more money wasted on expensive luggage that gets ruined on its inaugural flight. Paper bag luggage is light and flexible. Use it as your carry on. (You know you never need as much as you pack.) Paper bag luggage fits under the seat or in the luggage bin. There is no baggage fee and no waiting at the baggage claim. When you’re finished using it, you can store it in the smallest of spaces or toss it out. It’s the answer to all your luggage worries! 

Think of the choices!




In two weeks, I’m going to Boston to visit my daughter. I have my paper bag luggage ready and waiting. My daughter will be so proud of me when she picks me up at the airport.  But then again, she may be so embarrassed that I may have to bag the whole experience!

Traveling?  Smart Packing for Today’s Traveler by Susan Foster (Smart Travel Press, 3rd Edition, 2008), The Bag I’m Taking to Grandma’s by Shirley Neitzel (Greenwillow Books, 1998)


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