A Bum Rumor


If you have a bump on your butt, you can’t get a book. Who says? The librarian says. It’s a new rule, but not according to me, the librarian. I wondered who was behind this rumor airing its way through the halls of the school. It was up to me to get to the bottom of the scuttlebutt. Using the tips I had honed from reading Nancy Drew books, I was out to find the guilty party and put an end to the rumor.

When I found time, I lurked in the halls, paused in front of open classroom doors, and eavesdropped on unsuspecting students. I came up with nothing. Then while shelving books, I heard the tail end of a very revealing conversation, taking place outside of my room. I grabbed the culprits and pulled them into the library. They were on the edge of their seats as I interrogated them.

I found out they had heard the rumor from a third grader, who had heard it from a kindergartener, who had heard it from Mrs. E.

Mrs. E? The preschool teacher? Next stop was Mrs. E’s room. She confessed that she may have started the rumor when she told the kindergarten teacher what one of her preschoolers said when she asked him about his library book.

He said, “I had a bump on my butt so I couldn’t get a book.”

It was an “ah-ha” moment. Appropriately, the week before I was reading, Kitten’s First Full Moon, to the preschoolers. Before they had a chance to check out books, the mom of the above mentioned preschooler came to pick him up for a doctor’s appointment. Hence, he couldn’t get a book because he had to see a doctor about a bump on his butt.

Case solved. Rumor bumped off. The End!  

Find out who’s the culprit:  Detective Small and the Amazing Banana Caper by Wong Herbert Yee (Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2007), Detective LaRue:  Letters from the Investigation by Mark Teague (Scholastic Press, 2004), Dirk Bones and the Mystery of the Missing Books by Doug Cushman (HarperCollins, 2009), Ace Lacewing:  Bug Detective series by David Biedrzycki (Charlesbridge Publishing)

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